When was Jesus born? Every milestone in Jesus’ life happened on a Jewish holiday. He died on Passover; He rose on First Fruits; He ascended during Pentecost. Some believe He was born during Sukkot. Discover the many reasons that support this belief. Sukkot celebrates God’s provision, protection, and presence for Israel while in the wilderness and for all of us now. Journey Deeper by watching and listening to this teaching on When Jesus Was born.

For a Journey Deeper I invite you to a special 6 – part teaching call “Birth of A Jewish King”  – The Christmas Story Revealed. Filmed in Israel for you to fully see the connections between the old and the new. Explore Jesus’ genealogy and family, his dedication, the location of his birth, and the shepherds and wise men, you will make significant connections between Old Testament and the New Testament and connect the dots in God’s profound plan for humanity.