"I love how Rabbi Jason is able to unlock the scripture and show how the alpha numeric nature of Hebrew is literally the mathematical code for creation and life! Mind-blowing. I'm excited to dig into the rest of this study!"

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The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters—ranging from the first, “aleph,” to the last, “tav.” It is spectacular how God used the very essence of Hebrew letters (and numbers) to create the universe. How? Every Hebrew letter has a numerical value, starting with the first letter (aleph), representing the numeral one. After that, the letters have various numerical values, concluding with the last letter (tav), which equals 400. Thus, when God spoke Creation into existence, those words had numerical value because their letters were also numbers. This act of sovereignty quite literally speaks to the infinite mind of the Lord.

An example: the Hebrew word echad means “one.” And after examining the letters that comprise it—aleph (1), het (8), and dalet (4)—we discover that echad equals thirteen (13). Thus, thirteen is the number of oneness. This claim might seem odd since Western culture typically considers thirteen to be bad or “unlucky. But biblically speaking, this number points to quite the opposite: blessing.

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"I have been celebrating Shabbat for years with little instructional insight. This was really amazing to watch and see the correlations between the two. Thank you for offering this insight into your Shabbat experience."

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