The Blessing // Aaronic Benediction // Birkat Kohanim

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Purchase and download the beautifully designed Birkat Kohanim // Aaronic Blessing today.

Some know it as the Aaronic Blessing, Priestly Blessing, or in Hebrew: Birkat Kohanim found in Numbers 6:24. As a PDF, you can pray The Blessing over yourselves, your family, and your home. Purchase, download, and print it today.


The Aaronic Blessing // Birkat Kohanim

Initially commanded by God for the Kohanim (priests, descendants of Aaron), in the time of the Temple, the Aaronic Blessing was performed twice daily, after the morning offering and the afternoon offering. Today, at least in Israel, it is performed daily in Synagogue prayers. When parents bless their children every Friday night during Shabbat, they also use this blessing.

Rabbi Chaim David Azulai wrote that one should use the Birkat Kohanim instead of traditional farewells, such as “goodbye.” Why? Virtually every other blessing found in the Bible is conditional. This blessing, by contrast, comes with the guarantee that if one will pronounce it over someone, then God himself will bless them.

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3 reviews for The Blessing // Aaronic Benediction // Birkat Kohanim

  1. Doede Donaugh (verified owner)

    Beautiful! In print, and in your heart.

  2. Christiana Karikari

    The LORD bless me and keep me

  3. Tamara Trach

    Beautiful artwork. Pronouncing God’s name over my family, home and friends every day, indeed, reminds me of His sovereignty, His nature and name is Love, His kindness and goodness never fail, no matter what I’m going through.

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