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Names of God

The Power of Adonai: How the Name of God Reveals His Nature and Character

Appearing more than 400 times in the Hebrew Bible, Adonai is one of the most prolific names of God. Yeshua’s life was the extension of God’s Kingdom into this world. He now continues that through our life together as His Body. As Scripture stated, we are presently seated with Him in heavenly places, with access to all that authority through Him. We are able then to not just meditate on this reality but to bring His power into this world actively. When the world around us seems to shatter, let’s actively lift this broken world to Adonai in hope!


The Birth of the Church: Community and Mission

The Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 as the “birth of the Church.” This language ostensibly implies the start of something new. However, we should be cautious of such terminology lest we fall into the trap of “replacement theology.” The Pentecost event in Acts was not a replacement of Israel but rather the renewal of covenantal relationship and purpose with a radical expansion.


You Will Receive Power and You Will Be My Witness

A Fire that Will Not Die "You will receive power... and you will be my witnesses...Acts 1:4,5,8 - The Resurrected Lord spent forty days with His disciples, preparing them to set the world on fire and carry out the Great Commission. However, He did not immediately send them out. Instead, He told them that they needed to wait and pray. While they knew the Father and spent years getting to know Yeshua, they would now need to receive and get to know the Ruach (the Hebrew word for “Spirit”).