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Taste of Tribes

Now more than ever, the disciples of Yeshua need to be unified with each other and with the people of Israel. The 2024 Tribes theme, “Spiritual Lessons from the Land of Israel,” will help us do just that. Experience a “Taste of Tribes” it is what Tribes is about!

“Taste of Tribes” is a half-hour, immediately available, on-demand video session that provides a brief “Taste of Tribes” our Fusion Tribes. In this session, you will:

  • experience what a weekly Tribes session is like.
  • watch the Tribe Talks video
  • highlight the Leader and Student Guides,
  • discuss the weekly content
  • answer your questions.

You won’t leave a Taste of Tribes event without a better understanding of Yeshua at work in your life through connection and community.

Hear what Tribe Leaders are saying:


"Throughout my walk with Yeshua-Jesus there have been pastors who taught from both Testaments, but your teachings bring a life to the teachings and customs that I have been hungry for. Thank you."

Faye F

Save your seat with your information below. You don’t want to miss this experience!


    "I am being filled with awe and wonder . I have read and studied the Bible for many years and I am feeling like a child in a candy store with all the good nuggets I am reading and exploring with Fusion. Tell me more I want to go deeper."

    G. James B

    Please, email us with any further questions at [email protected]

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