Start A Tribe!

We appreciate your interest in starting a Fusion Tribe. Tribe Leaders do not have to be exceptional teachers. They simply have to be willing to facilitate and organize Tribe meetings with the tools provided. It is easy to start a Tribe! 

"If you are looking for a deep and rich interaction with the Bible, let Rabbi Jason Sobel and his entire team at Fusion Global be your guide. Your desire for Hebraic understanding of the scriptures will be satisfied."

Pastor Larry B, Tribe Leader

What is a Fusion Tribe?
Fusion Tribes are small, local Bible study groups that meet regularly for discipleship and community, utilizing Fusion resources to guide their gatherings.

What is a Fusion Tribe Leader? 
A Fusion Tribe leader facilitates small gatherings of disciples who meet regularly to utilize Fusion resources to strengthen followers of Jesus-Yeshua.

How to Start a Tribe? 
There are three steps to becoming a Fusion Tribe Leader:

  1. Become a member of the Teaching Library. This is a requirement. Membership benefits include 24-7 access to a wealth of exclusive teaching from Rabbi Jason Sobel for a minimum donation of $25/month. The Teaching Library is where our Leaders access Tribes resources. Learn how to join here.
  2. Fill out a Tribes Leader Application here.
  3. Once approved, you will be given access to Tribes Resources. 

If I lead a Tribe, do I have to participate in every Tribe season? 
No. As a Tribe leader, you are welcome to take a break for a season at your discretion.

What kind of support will I receive as a Tribe Leader?

Regular emails from the Tribes Director with tips, news, and encouragement.

Access to Tribes Leaders’ Zoom meetings.

Access to the Tribes Support Team.

2023 and 2024 Tribes Seasons:
Tribes Seasons include 8 sessions that run for 8 weeks. There is a winter, fall, and spring season. Each season has a unique theme. See below for the upcoming season themes and dates. Only Tribe leaders have access to Tribes resources associated with each season. Start a Tribe Here!

2023 “Yeshua in the Holidays

Winter: February 12th – April 8th
Yeshua in Purim and Passover

Spring: April 30th – June 24th
Yeshua in Shavuot and the Temple

Fall: September 3rd – October 28th
Yeshua in the Fall Holidays

2024: “Spiritual Lessons from the Land of Israel”

Winter: January 21st – March 16th
Streams in the Desert

Spring: April 28th – June 22nd
The Teacher from Galilee

Fall: September 1st – October 26th
The City of the Great King