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I pray that this Biblical Jewish Calendar enriches your walk with Yeshua-Jesus and gives you a clearer sense of connection to Him, the Jewish people, and his times and seasons. May you not only learn but also experience profound personal transformation.

When we think of Creation, we often focus on all the visible things God spoke into existence—from fruit-bearing trees to “swarms” of living creatures, as well as the stars and the planets. Yet, we also know that for these things to emerge, God had to create something else: time. That epic opening chapter of Genesis is punctuated with the rhythms of time, “So there was evening and there was morning.” 

As that rhythm moves into the fourth day (describing the “lights in the heavens”), we read this familiar phrase, “They will be for signs and for seasons and for days and years” (emphasis added). The Hebrew word for seasons is moadim, and it also appears in Leviticus 23:2, “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts’” (NKJV emphasis added).

Starting with the first Sabbath in Genesis 1 and continuing through the magnificent feasts ordained by God, the Jewish people have always organized the times and “seasons” around the Lord, hence they created the “Hebrew” calendar. We have developed this resource to help you reorient yourself to this approach to time. In this context, the “civic” calendar that is so familiar to us provides a starting point from which we can take a deep dive into the life and history of Jewish people. Highlights include:

    • The schedule for reading through the Five Books of Moses, known as “Torah Portions”
    • The schedule of the Feasts of the Lord, along with any special readings
    • The names and dates of the Jewish months (corresponding to the civic calendar)
    • The significant events in Israel’s history from the first day of Creation
    • The schedule of holidays as celebrated in the Christian tradition

I pray that this calendar will enrich your walk with Yeshua-Jesus and give you an even clearer sense of our genuine connection to God’s people throughout history. May you not only learn but also experience profound personal transformation as you live into the rich tradition of God’s people.

Many Blessings to You
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