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    "A new perspective for Christians or Gentile believers. Excellent discussions."

    Trudie V.
    Messiah's Seder Foundations

    Messiah’s Seder: Foundations Passover Experience

    The foundations Passover (Pesach) video tutorial will create a meaningful Passover experience, and guide you in your home, small group, or event. Easily walk through every step, blessing, song, and prayer alongside Rabbi Jason Sobel. Just press play and pause as you like. The included Overview PDF will help you prepare your heart while the Seder checklist will help you prepare your home. I pray the “Messiah’s Seder” draws you and yours closer to Yeshua-Jesus in this miraculous season.

    Course: Messiah's Seder Comprehensive Tutorial

    Messiah’s Seder: Comprehensive Tutorial Passover Experience

    The comprehensive Passover (Pesach) tutorial package expands on the Foundations, creating a deeper sense of connection and a more meaningful Passover Seder experience. Use all of the multimedia resources at your disposal in this package, follow along with the Haggadah, and use the additional resources to stay connected and not miss a beat. I believe that this tutorial package—the “Messiah’s Seder”—will draw you and yours closer to Yeshua-Jesus during this powerful Passover season and beyond!

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    Walking with Rabbi Jesus

    In this 6-week e-course taught from the Holy Land, we’ll explore why it’s so important to connect Jewish history with the New Testament. Discover the Lord and the story He’s writing in a whole new way. Are you ready to go deeper?

    Birth of a Jewish King

    $99.00  $69.00
    Birth of a Jewish King

    When you connect old and new, you experience fully your inheritance in the Lord. In this 6-week course, see God, His Word, and the celebration of Christmas in a new way as you make connections between Old Testament prophecies and the birth of Jesus.

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