The Power of Words & Month of Nissan


The Power of Words In Hebrew tradition, every month on the Biblical calendar is symbolic of a spiritual season. The current month, Nissan, literally means “miracle of miracles”–an apt name since this is the season in which God performed miraculous signs and wonders as a key part of our redemption from Egypt. This month is also associated with the faculty of speech. The main mitzvah or commandment of Nissan (which occurs on the Seder night) is telling the story of …

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  1. Sharlea
    09 Jan 2019 21:51:09 Reply

    This is simply amazing..
    Because I have a Nissan Versa & I knew the Lord gave me tha car..He took me through several scriptures & from studying out the scriptures, He lead me here to this
    Wonderful story…
    The Lord is so Amazing on how he talks 2 U..

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