Messiah’s Seder: A Passover Experience for Christians and Messianic Jews


This digital guidebook is a Messianic Haggadah (Telling). It walks you through each of the 15 steps of the Passover Seder; The blessings, background, and prayers. It has been designed specifically for you and this year of 5781/2021 to be a resource and guidebook on your journey to knowing and loving Yeshua Jesus on a deeper level during one of the most important (to Yeshua-Jesus) Biblical Holidays.

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Messiah’s Seder: A Passover Experience for Christians and Messianic Jews

The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. Concerning the Passover, our Master, and Messiah Yeshua-Jesus said, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” (Luke 22:15). Messiah Yeshua lived and died as an observant Jew who sought to fulfill God’s promises to the Jewish people, bring salvation to Israel, and the Nations. Every aspect of the Passover Seder points to Him. By celebrating Passover, we honor, remember and re-enact what He did with His disciples. We also connect to the Jewish roots of faith, and the people of Israel. This celebration allows us to gain a much deeper understanding of the person and work of the Messiah.

The Passover meal is known as a seder, which means “order.” The Seder has a set “‘order” comprised of 15 steps. 15 is the number of spiritual ascent in Jewish thought. The 15 steps are underscored by the 15 Psalms of Ascent (Psalm 120-134) that Levites sang as they stood on the 15 steps of the Jerusalem Temple. These 15 steps help us “tell” and relive the Passover story from year to year and from generation to generation. This 80-page guidebook is a Messianic Haggadah, (telling). which means that it not only “tells” the biblical story of the redemption from Egypt with ancient insights and customs handed down to us from our Jewish ancestors but also “tells” how it all connects to Yeshua.

But of course, there is more! Find out, and experience the Messiah’s Seder for yourself, your family, and your small group.

* This resource is also available as a download and part of our live, virtual Passover Seder. Join Rabbi Jason Sobel on March 27th at 6PM PDT/ 9PM EDT for Passover – The Promise of Redemption.



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