Ha Lachma Anya


This is one of the songs we sing each year at the Passover seder, entitled “Ha Lachma Anya.” It speaks of the bread of affliction that the Israelites ate in the land of Egypt. It goes on with an invitation saying “Let all who are hungry come and eat. Let all who are in need come and celebrate Passover.” This is a snippet of a recording in which Fusion worship leader Tracy Thomas performs the song.



Ha lachma, ha lachma anya
Di achalu achalu avhatana

B’ara b’ara d’mitzrayim

Kol dichfin yeitei v’yeichol
Kol ditzrich yeitei v’yifsach

Hashata hacha
L’shanah habaah b’ara d’Yisrael
Hashata avdei
L’shanah habaah b’nei chorin