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The Power of Words & Month of Nissan

The Power of Words In Hebrew tradition, every month on the Biblical calendar is symbolic of a spiritual season. The current month, Nissan, literally means “miracle of miracles”–an apt name since this is the season in which God performed miraculous signs and wonders as a key part of our redemption from Egypt. This month is […]


Vayak’hel Pekudei

ave you ever watched a sports event where the player with the ball refused to pass to his or her teammates? Some might call those players “ball hogs,” but more than that, they’re just poor leaders. In their refusal to share the spotlight with their team, they compromise the game’s success. We see a similar […]


Winnie The Pooh and Purim

We are in the midst of the Purim season. This is a season where God wants to turn our sadness into gladness, our darkness to light, our heaviness to lightness, our destruction to salvation, and of course, our Eeyore into Tigger. What? God wants us to turn the Eeyore-like “oys” into Tigger-like “joys.” Let me explain.  When my […]


Taste and See: The Miracle at Marah

It had been nearly a month since the Israelites were set free from their slavery in Egypt. Now they were wandering in the wilderness, and they were growing disillusioned. When they ran out of water, they started to panic. God allowed this to happen in order to test the Israelites, and to teach them more […]


A Voice from On High: Yitro

Our sages disagree on the number of commandments that our ancestors heard at Sinai. Maimonides, for example, says that Israel only heard God directly speak the first two commandments. Others believe that the Jewish people heard all Ten Commandments as they were spoken by God. Which is correct? According to the famous medieval Rabbi and Torah Scholar Rashi, […]


Live from Bethlehem

For over 1500 years, people have worshipped at the believed site where Yeshua/Jesus was born. The entrance to the site is a small door, known as the “Door of Humility.” What is the spiritual significance of its size? What is the quality that both Moses and Messiah possessed that is pleasing to God? Journey with Jason to […]


Before the Beginning

God has always been. Three-in-one: Father, Spirit, and Son. A family. A perfect union. So, why did they want us? God is Love, and Love can’t contain itself. Love needs to pour out and be received. We were created as the object of their affection, the benefactors of their love. Heaven is all about relationship. Messiah […]


The House That Love Built – Part 2

God wanted an earthly address. Just as there is a heavenly Jerusalem and Temple, so must there be “…on earth as it is in heaven.” His earthly dwelling was the Temple on Mt. Moriah. What was it that made God pick that location out of all the real estate on earth? Why did God allow […]