‘Terumah’ and Creating Real and Lasting Change

This week’s Torah portion, called Terumah, enumerates in great detail (almost agonizingly so) all the aspects of the building of the Tabernacle. Why so much attention to detail? Almost the entire final third of Exodus is devoted to this one topic. What is even more strange is the fact that the Tabernacle was only a TEMPORARY […]


Still Spinning

You are not far from the kingdom of God. – Matthew 19:16 Once we understand that the focus of Hanukkah is a re-dedicating ourselves to God, we can begin to go deeper and get a better picture of how to re-center our lives on Messiah. Let’s explore the Hebrew letters on the four sides of […]


Hidden Light Revealed

There are three places I feel God has hidden his divine light. The first place was the Torah, and the second place was in the Messiah. It should be of no surprise but important to note that Jewish tradition clearly makes this connection. It is written, “And God saw the light that it is good.” […]


70 x 7 = Forgiveness

(8 min video) – Peter asked Yeshua/Jesus in Matthew 18 how many times he should forgive his brothers. Jesus answered with a multiplication problem. He wasn’t testing Peter’s math skills. For every word in Hebrew, there is a numerical value. The answer of 490 has great spiritual significance throughout scripture. Journey with Jason to Caperneum, […]


I Am The Beginning and The End

(2 min video) – Yeshua/Jesus called Himself the Alpha and the Omega. This is a clear declaration. However, scripture is actually “coded” to point to this truth, from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Journey with Jason to a replica of an ancient synagogue in Nazareth in which Jesus would have studied scripture, and […]


Salaam Alaikum – Peace to You

One of the greatest conflicts in the world today is the one that exists between Jews and Arabs. If the Gospel is truly “the power of God unto salvation” then it must contain the divine wisdom and empowerment necessary to transform this seemingly hopeless situation. I personally experienced this power several years ago in Detroit. […]


God of Second Chances

Have you ever felt like you’re too far gone, that you’ve reached a point that lies beyond God’s grace and mercy? Your brothers and sisters in Israel felt the same way when they were encamped in the desert after being freed from Egypt. In this week’s Torah Portion, God’s people experience God’s goodness afresh when […]